Our Menu


Soup of the day
Cooked fresh, daily - ask our friendly staff for details.
Diced roma tomato, red onion, garlic and basil, dressed with PNC's vinaigrette served on slices of baguette.
Hummus Dips
Ground chickpea hummus, lightly dressed with olive oil and served with grilled pita bread.
Garden Salad
A fresh mix of cos lettuce, cherry tomatoes, red onion, cucumber and carrot finished with PNC's favourite salad dressing.
Mediterranean Chicken Salad
Seared chicken fillet, generously seasoned and sliced upon a bed of Cos lettuce, feta, cucumber, olives and cherry tomatoes - finished with PNC's favourite salad dressing.
Cheese Board
An assortment of cheeses - Brie, Pecorino-Ramano, Taleggio and Gorgonzola - served with dried fruits, nuts and savory crackers.
Grilled Chicken Satay Skewers
Turmeric marinade brushed chicken thigh, skewered and grilled till tender. Served with sliced onions, cucumber and PNC's own peanut sauce.
Beef Nachos
A generous serving of corn chips, slathered with grilled beef mince, liquid cheddar cheese topped with guacamole.
Sausage Platter
PNC’s choice sausage collection: Chicken Bockwurst, Beef Bratwurst and Spicy Italian Pork Sausage, served with pickled fruits and Sauerkraut.
PNC Signature Pork Belly
Thick cut Pork Belly, brushed with olive oil and seasoned generously with salt and pepper. Slow cooked until juicy and tender. Served with Pommery and Dijon mustard and a side of mesclun salad mix.


USDA Prime Rib Eye
PNC's 250 gram slow roasted ribeye, cooked to perfection. Served with steamed chat potatoes, sauteed vegetables and a delicious side of veal jus.
Sirloin Steak
PNC's 250 gram sirloin steak, served with herb butter brushed vegetables and steak house fries.
Chilean Codfish & Sea Scallops
Delicious pan-seared cod and sea scallops, seasoned with pink sea salt and dressed with PNC's own cranberry and pistachio sauce.
Chicken Parmigiana
Generously portioned crumbed chicken fillet, topped with melted cheese and served upon a bed of crispy fries.
Guiness Baby Back Ribs
Baby back ribs, brushed down with PNC's sticky Guinness marinade and slow cooked till they peel off the bone. Served with tangy BBQ sauce and steak fries.
Fat Boy Burger
Quarter pound flame grilled beef patty, stacked with melted cheddar cheese, streaky bacon, chicken chipolata and a dollop of guacamole. Served with a side of thin-cut chips and salad.
Colossal Smokehouse Burger
Quarter pounder smoked beef, provolone cheese, BBQ cherrywood bacon, sauteed peppers and caramelised onions. Served with steakhouse fries and tzatziki sauce.
Aglio Olio
Your choice of pasta cooked with a delicious mix of capsicum, cherry tomatoes, broccoli, cauliflower with garlic and chilli oil stirred through.
Seafood Aglio Olio
Your choice of pasta with tiger prawns, sea scallops and cherry tomatoes, cooked in white wine, with garlic and chilli oil stirred through.
Your choice of pasta, stirred through a rich, creamy sauce filled with diced cherry wood bacon and chicken chipolata slices.
Seafood Arrabbiata
Freshly selected seafood mix, including scallops, tiger prawns, squid and mussels, cooked to perfection and drizzled with spicy Arrabbiata sauce.
Margherita Pizza
A simple mix of classic flavours. Freshly sliced tomatoes, sweet basil and grated mozzarella cheese on a tomato concasse base.
Hawaiian Pizza
A tropical twist on an old favourite. Shredded turkey ham, sliced pineapple and grated mozzarella cheese on a smoky tomato concasse base.
Signature Meat Galore Pizza
PNC’s select meat and pizza combination: Four types of meat - beef, salami, chicken chipolata and turkey ham. Finished with sliced peppers on a tomato and red pepper base.


Onion Rings
Devil Curry Samosa
Tandoori Chicken Skewers
Steakhouse Fries (Cajun/Truffle)
PNC Spicy Chicken Wings
Twister Prawns
Calamari Fritti
PNC Beer Munchy Platter
Desert of the Day
Double Scoop Ice Cream


Draught Beers (Pint)
Tiger, Erdinger Weissbier, Heineken, Guinness
Red Wine
Cabernet Sauvignon, Malbec (+ $2), Pinot Noir (+ $2)
White Wine
Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay
Sparkling Wine
Gancia Lychee Prosecco
House Spirits
Smirnoff Vodka, Gordon’s Gin, Bacardi Superior Rum, Jose Cuervo Gold Tequila, Famous Grouse Whiskey, Jim Beam Bourbon, St. Remy Brandy
Bottled Beer
Asahi, Corona, Hoegaarden, Stella Artois, Little Creatures, Hite (Korean Pale Lager)
Bottled Cider
Strongbow Cider Redberries, Strongbow Cider Gold
Grapefruit, White Grape
Bailey’s, Chamboard, Cointreau, Dom Benedictine, Kahlua, Frangelico, Galliano, Grand Marnier, Midori, Malibu, Apple Sourz, Vaccari Sambucca, Southern Comfort
Aperitifs / Digestifs
Martini Rosso, Martini Bianco, Noilly Prat, Campari, Pernod, Aperol, Limoncello
Belvedere, Grey Goose
Jack Daniel’s, Maker’s Mark (+ $1)
Captain Morgan Spiced, Myer’s Dark, Bacardi 151 (+ $1)
Don Julio, Patron Silver (+ $1)
Tanqueray, Bombay Sapphire, Hendrick’s (+ $1), Monkey47 (+ $3)
Jameson, Chivas Regal 12yrs, Chivas Regal 18yrs (+ $5), JW Black Label, JW Gold Reserve (+ $5)
Henessy VSOP, Martell VSOP
Single Malt
Laphroig 10yrs, Highland Park 12yrs, Macallan 12yrs, Macallan 18yrs (+ $13)
Signature Cocktail - Singapore Sling
Gin, Cointreau, Dom, Cherry brandy, Juices, Bitters & Grenadine
Signature Cocktail - PNC Signature Passiontini
Passionfruit, Cachaca, Limoncello & Rosemary
Signature Cocktail - Black Forest Mojito
White rum, Fresh Berries, Lime & Mint
Signature Cocktail - Bartender's Special
Ask our friendly bartender
Classic Cocktails
Caipirinha, Old Fashioned, Black Russian, White Russian, Mai Tai, Margarita, Sex on the Beach
Premium Cocktails
Lychee Mojito, Frozen Margarita, Mojito, Bloody Mary, Gelato Bailey’s, Long Island Iced Tea, Pina Colada, Cosmopolitan
Classic, Dry, Appletini, Lemongrasstini
Shooters (Shot)
B52, Blow Job, Jagerbomb, Lemon Drop, Slippery Nipple
Virgin Mojito, Virgin Mary, Shirley Temple, Lychee Freeze, Seabreeze, Pussyfoot, Fruit Punch
Soft Drinks
Coke, Coke Zero, Sprite, Ginger Ale, Soda, Tonic, Iced Lemon Tea, Red Bull
Orange, Apple, Lime, Pineapple, Cranberry
Hot Beverages
Single Espresso, Long Black, Americano, Flat White, Cappuccino, Latte, Hot Chocolate, Tea
Bottled Water
Acqua Panna, San Pellegrino